Pakistan and India are the two major Mango producers in the world. Mansho Group supplies the best quality mango from India and Pakistan. Pakistani mango’s taste and quality is much better than other regions. Mansho’s mango tastes sweet and has a strong memorable flavor.

Mango is a nutritious fruit which an unmatched source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A and a variety of anti-oxidants. Regular mango consumption helps to strengthen the digestive system and kidneys and due to a high concentration of iron it prevents anemia.

Name of good Mango
Crop year 2024
Country of origin Pakistan
Country of export Pakistan
ETD 7 Days After the Confirmation of Prepayment
ETA 7 Days After ETD
Packaging One-row

Two-row Carton

Net Weight in the Bag, Box or Carton 4.5 to 7 kg
Number of Pallets in a Container Unpalletized
Number of Boxes on Pallet Unpalletized
Amount in a Container 20 MT
Possible Loading Container (min – max) 1-5 per Week
Size One-Row Carton:  9 to 12 pcs

Two-Row Carton: 18 to 24 pcs

Shelf-life of Goods After Loading 15 Days
Transportation Temperature 7 °C
Unit kg
Payment Term TT
Ability of Delivery Throughout the Year From April 1st to August 31th