Bam Mazafati dates is known to be the most delicious variety in the world. Quality and shelf life of Mazafati dates which are mainly produced in Bam (a small city near Kerman, Iran) is much higher in comparison to other regions. Dates’ weight has a direct relation to its quality. Mansho group is capable of supplying the highest quality Bam Mazafati dates in different seasons. Mansho’s dates has a tender and thin skin, is full of sweet nectar. It has a durable taste and flavor.

Name of good Date
Variety Mazafati
Crop year 2024
Country of origin Iran
Country of export Iran


ETD 7 Days After the Confirmation of Prepayment
ETA To Spain, Sweden and UK: 10 Days After ETD

To Germany, France, Austria and Belgium :7 Days After ETD

To the Philippines: 20 Days After ETD

To Iraq: 2 Days After ETD

To India: 14 Days After ETD

To Russia: 7 Days After ETD

To Oman: 5 Days After ETD

To UAE and Qatar 3 Days After ETD

To South Africa, Libya, Morocco and Tanzania: 21 Days After ETD

Packaging Carton
Net Weight in the Bag, Box or Carton Small Box: 700 g

Mother Carton: 8 kg ± 5%

Number of Pallets in a Container 24 to 26 Pallets in 40 ft HC

20 Pallets in 40 ft

Number of Mother Cartons on Pallet 136
Amount in a Container 25 MT
Possible Loading Container (min – max) 1-5 per Week
Shelf-life of Goods After Loading 60 Days
Transportation Temperature -5°C
Unit kg
Payment Term TT
Ability of Delivery Throughout the Year All the Year