There to expression to describe a banana: each banana is called a finger and a set of bananas which grows in one or two rows on one branch is called a hand. Mansho’s green bananas are supplied from Ecuador and India with a firm skin.

Banana is an ample source of Tryptophan which is changed to Serotonin in our body. High serotonin results in feeling of relaxation and joy which brings smile on your lips. Moreover, the fiber in the banana makes you feel hungry less frequently. Medical researches show a regular consumption of banana in one’s daily diet can result in heart and digestive performance improvement.Banana provides lots of energy and it is an ideal snack for everyone.

Name of good Banana
Color Green
Crop year 2024
Country of origin Ecuador


Country of export Turkey


ETD 7 Days After the Confirmation of Prepayment
ETA To Spain, Sweden and UK: 10 Days After ETD

To Germany, France, Austria and Belgium :7 Days After ETD

To the Philippines: 20 Days After ETD

To Iraq: 2 Days After ETD

To India: 14 Days After ETD

To Russia: 7 Days After ETD

To Oman: 5 Days After ETD

To UAE and Qatar 3 Days After ETD

To South Africa, Libya, Morocco and Tanzania: 21 Days After ETD

Packaging Carton
Net Weight in the Bag, Box or Carton Ecuador: 19.5 kg

India: 13.5 kg

Number of Pallets in a Container 22 Pallets in 40 ft HC

20 Pallets in 40 ft

Number of Boxes on Pallet Ecuador:54


Amount in a Container Gross Weight: 25.700 kg

Net Weight: 23.400 kg

Possible Loading Container (min – max) Minimum 1 per Week-No Limitation on Maximum
Size Minimum Size for Ecuadorian is 19 cm

Minimum Size for Indian is 16 cm

Shelf-life of Goods After Loading 20 Days
Transportation Temperature 14°C
Unit Carton
Payment Term TT
Ability of Delivery Throughout the Year All the Year