A premium quality coconut is heavier than normal grades and you can hear the milk inside it moving when you shake it. An unripe green coconut has more milk in comparison to ripe ones. The ripe coconuts are brownish and their white meat is saturated with a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Coconut meat has different enzymes such as invertine, oxidase and catalase. Coconut milk contains many amino acids such as histidine, arginine, proline, leucine and alanine. Dried coconut meat is also a rich source of vegetarian oil with 60-67% fat.

Name of good Coconut
Color Natural Brown
Crop year 2024
Country of origin India
Country of export India
ETD 7 Days After the Confirmation of Prepayment
ETA 14 Days After ETD
Packaging Bag
Net Weight in the Bag, Box or Carton 13 to 15 kg
Number of Pallets in a Container Unpalletized, Loose
Number of Boxes on Pallet Unpalletized, Loose
Amount in a Container 25 to 27 MT

1950 Bags in 40 ft

Possible Loading Container (min – max) 1-5 per Week
Size 500 to 600 g
Shelf-life of Goods After Loading 30 Days
Transportation Temperature 7 °C
Unit Bag
Payment Term TT
Ability of Delivery Throughout the Year All the Year